Ventless Professional Food Equipment

Fryers, pasta cookers and pizza ovens with integrated extraction hood to instantly prepare food in any permises!



Welcome to Eurochef

Since 1992 Eurochef srl manufactures functional and reliable machines that instantly prepare fresh or frozen foods of the same quality as those in restaurants, even in premises without kitchen, not equipped with hoods… and without cook!

Professional machines

3 steps to success: quick, easy, automatic

Quick & Always Ready

Always ready at the right temperature to cook perfectly all types of food in few minutes

Easy To Use

Easy to use, ventless and without the need for a kitchen or even a cook


Simply put the product inside and select a time, no need to check the cooking

Our machines

Fryers: no extractor hood needed

Pasta Cookers: easy to use and always ready

Ovens: compact and professional

Innovative system to make fresh potato chips instantly

Food Cart Ciao Chips


Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!