Since 1992

Eurochef - Professional food equipment manufacturers since 1992

Since 1992 Eurochef srl manufactures functional and reliable counter-top fryers, pasta cookers and ovens that instantly prepare fresh or frozen foods of the same quality as those in restaurants, even in premises without kitchen, not equipped with hoods… and without cook!

Thanks to the Eurochef equipment, it is possible to add a new businesses also in already started activities, with the same personnel and with minimal investments that pay off in a few months.

Bars, pubs, by-the-slice and take-away pizzerias, hotels, beach resorts, kiosks, sports facilities and service stations with this equipment can prepare pasta, pizza, French fries, croquettes, fish, battered vegetables, cutlets, etc. without fumes or vapours.

Our old customers who, after years, buy the new models, demonstrate the satisfaction of those who work daily with our equipment and appreciate their simplicity of use and profitability.


McCain Food Service Italia and Orogel Food Service recommend Eurochef machines, which cook food of excellent and constant quality.

Technical advantages of Eurochef fryers and pasta cookers

  • they have no parts subject to scheduled maintenance
  • only few models of fryers require periodic replacement of filters
  • they have no internal mechanisms that can be blocked during operation
  • they are very simple for ease of use and cleaning
  • they allow maximum hygiene
  • they need little space
  • many models do not need a hood, as stated by various Health Authorities, basing on laboratory tests carried out by the independent Agency ARPA, which confirm the total lack of emissions in the air



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